Sunday, May 2, 2010

Anywhere But Home

Hello Everyone!
So here are all the lyrics, liner notes and thank yous for our new e.p "Anywhere But Home". We are really proud of all the work we put into them and we couldn't be happier with the outcome. Please learn these and sing along -Handguns

My Own Captain

(Lyrics By Jacob Langley)
There's nothing left for me in this sleeping town, I'm leaving tonight and I wont see you around. I'll run run until my tires go bald, clock me out and ignore my calls. I know that you think I'm sinking, the trench I'm digging is growing deep. But I would rather inhale dirt and water than let roots grow beneath my feet. On the open road or on the open water, I don't remember how to get home. All the years wasted, all the time I spent. Hope you get it, hope you comprehend. Sell all my things, burn down my home. We don't need help because were going alone. I'll pound my fists until my knuckles bleed, we wont give in, we wont admit defeat.

After wasting 6 years of my life in college and working jobs I hated I realized with the help of this band and the opportunities given to me by many of my friends in bands that the only way I was going to find happiness or be even close to where I wanted to be was to be out rid of my apt and all the things around me that I no longer needed. Follow the roads that make sense to you and find happiness wherever you can find it - Jake

Two Weeks
( Lyrics By Brandon Gepher & * Lyrics in red by Taylor Eby )
Two weeks in, I got this feeling that I could not stand you. Two weeks in, I got this feeling that I kind of hate you. Your Mother's front porch when you threw your bags down(the whole town could see us). What did you think was going to happen?(no one could see us). This is potentially the worst thing that's happened to me and I wont deny it, because I'm in denial. Months go by, you shoot that smile that gets you your way. The fool that I play, I'm back in your bed tonight. And although we're young, we said that we'd make this count. So take your bags and get the hell out of town. SO take your bags, because I don't need you around.

The first version of this song can be found on our first EP MMIX. Most of the lyrics for this song were written by Brandon Gepher. We decided to rerecord this because a lot of people like this song. When it came time to do the vocals Nik felt like the song needed a second verse and few other small changes. I hope everyone loves the new version as much as the old one. Make sure to check out Brandon's new band - Jake

Pave The Way
(Lyrics By Taylor Eby)
Jake and I have been sleeping in the van a mile from his house this week, because we know who we want to be. Friends and families always try to shut us down, but that's okay, we're paving our own way. The only homesick that i get, is sick of being home and there's another eleven days before we're on the road and if we don't leave any sooner, I swear to god that I'll explode. So let the miles stretch further than we know, we're holding on to this dream and we'll never let go. And you'll never see the sights that we're about to see, and you'll never make memories like these. And I cant help but laugh at all the things you need to be content because all i need is this dream and my friends. A sleeping bag and this van. And at night i lie awake thinking about the other side of the United States, and at night I lie awake. I know we'll make it some day, we're paving our own way and you'll never make memories like these.

This song is all about pursuing your dreams and living them. This band is something that I hold very close and any chance I can get to feel like I'm on the road I take it even if its something crazy like sleeping at a Wal-mart a mile from Jake's house in 20 below weather. I think I can speak for all of the band that we are all more content in the van then our own homes. -Taylor

Harbor Water
(Lyrics By Taylor Eby & Jacob Langley)
I thought I was content with her the day that I left town. But the snow falling down in Philadelphia is proving me wrong. Shes got my heartbeat racing and I can't stop singing. Shes got my heart in the palm of her hand and I can't find any of my friends. Shes got my heart in the palm of her and and I don't care if I ever find my friends. And I'd drink dirty harbor water just to see if this could go farther. So we sit staring at each other, lets make this night last forever, and I don't want to go back home(home!), same damn town, same toll road. And I am freezing cold(cold!) without your hand to hold. She had my heart in the palm of her hand, I hope that I see her again. She had my heart in the palm of her hand, but I drove home alone in the end.

I had recently just started dating this girl and I went to Philadelphia to see some of my friends. We had gone to some lame college party at someones house. I was seated on this couch next to this girl who started to talking to me. I was so lost in conversation with her, that time had gone by so fast and all of my friends were nowhere to be found. I haven't seen her since then. -Taylor

This song has one of my favorite lines of the whole ep. " I would drink dirty harbor water " if anyone of you have ever been to the inner harbor in Baltimore Md then you would know that its a rat, oil, trash, and waste infested cesspool if you drank the water from the harbor you would need your stomach pumped and would most likely halucenate. But we all do crazy stuff for girls it comes from the whole " I would eat _____ out of her _____ to ______ " -Jake

Last Year
(Lyrics By Taylor Eby)

Looking back on those last two years, I ask my self: "Was it even worth it?" I know i tried way to hard to just to make this perfect. And I should of let it go when I had the chance, and it's sad to see you making friends with everyone you hated. I know, I know that things aren't the same as last year. I hope, I hope you're dying without me there. And I've finally come to terms and learned to let you go. And I had to learn it the hard way that you were just a mistake, so I'm leaving, I'm leaving you behind. And I should of let it go when I had the chance. You tried to break this boy but all I did was bend, and I learned I'm better off without you in the end.

Needless to say, this is a very bitter song. I spent two years of my life with someone and the way it ended made me feel like I wasted all of my time and effort. After all was said and done, she began to date someone who she would always complain to me about it and started to try to fit in with people she would have never been around before. I spent last year trying to convince her that she was being someone she's not but eventually I decided it was best to just let it go and let her realize herself that she was wrong -Taylor

Fingers Crossed
(Lyrics By Jacob Langley)

Is it sad that I look forward to when you hug me goodbye, because it's the only time that I get to hold your body close to mine. So I'll hold my breath, cross my fingers and try to get through to you. Hold my breath, cross my fingers and drive the whole night through. I know how, how you feel, I feel the same way too, but I know that, that you hide it better than I do. So I'll hold my breath, cross my fingers because I just want to be with you. Hold my breath, cross my fingers because I will always love you.

Sometimes you meet that girl that makes you do crazy things. Don't ever hesitate when it comes to your heart. Cross your fingers and hope for the best. Don't let time, distance, or "situations" come between you and what your heart says. Because it's ALWAYS worth the wait, its NEVER to far to drive and the "situations" can ALWAYS be changed. - Jake

Anywhere But Home
(Lyrics By Taylor Eby & Jacob Langley)
Somewhere between St. Paul and Sioux City, Jake fell asleep at the wheel, I woke up to the rumble strips and then it all became so real: that there's no one at home waiting for me and there's nothing that i miss at all, it may be because of the life that I choose but when you've got nothing, you've got nothing to lose. And I wonder what it will be like when I get back home. Will my friends still drink in my garage or will she ever pick up her phone? I don't want to read the same book again, just hit the gas get on the road and never let this end. I'd rather play three chords to three kids, than spend one more day there, complaining about my dead end job not getting me anywhere, and it's more than just a tour, more than just these songs, its the feeling of know that this is, this is everything we've got(don't let it go). Its ten p.m. in Washington and the show just let out. I'm in some dirty bathroom stall just trying to cool down. Nate's outside loading the van, smoking a cigarette that he found in a trash can, Marco just got kicked for twenty bucks in gas. Jake's at the front door begging for change. We've got make this money last. I'd rather play three chords to three kids, than spend one more day there, complaining about my dead end job not getting me anywhere, and it's more than just a tour, more than just these songs, its the feeling of know that this is, this is everything we've got. And there's no place that I'd rather be than stuck in this van with you three. DON'T LET IT GO

Taylor and I wrote this song on the full U.S tour we just did while driving from Phoenix, AZ to Tuscon, AZ at that point we had just made a 1,237 mile trip from Wa to Az with NO money after our west coast dates were lost due to bad planning on my part coupled with being robbed at the house we were stupid enough to sleep at in Wa. We had not eaten in days and were totally broke. Even with all of the bad things that had happened we all ( except for our fill in drummer Jordi who wanted to kill us ) agreed that even though we had just went through the fire so to speak we were happier in the back on a van running on fumes and spare change than we would ever be at home working.
We made that trip from WA to AZ to meet up with our friends in The Wonder Years to play three shows that they got us on last minute and in a very real sense saved us from being absolutely screwed without them and several street corners and many trash cans we dug food out of we would most likely still be stranded out there. True friends are hard to find! Dudes who you can call from 3500 miles away who care enough to do what they not just hard to find but they are once in a lifetime. - Jake

Bands- The Wonder Years, Man Overboard, With the Punches, STS, Carridale, Rad The Band, Signs of Hope, Close Your Eyes, I Call Fives, No Bragging Rights, Second to Last, I Am Alaska, Deadlights, Borderland, Valley Lights, The Working Dead, Go Rydell, IA62, Dead & Dreaming ,
Forever Came Calling, You Vandal, Away With You, Going Gone, My Only Escape, Left Astray, Get A Life, To New Beginnings, Protagonist, Van Damage, Ivy Leauge, A Loss For Words, Number 9 Hard, Direct Hit, Beyond City Lights, Whatever Band Joe Hollywood Is In Now

People - John James Ryan Jr, Dan Campbell, Drew Conte, Chris and Karen Eby, Nik Bruzzese, Dustin Wallace, Christmas Egar, Dave & Marla Langley, Jesus and Cassidy from WA, Jeff Hansbourgh, Kevin Layton Brian, Drew Magid, Colby Black, Brandon Gepher, Cody Bunce, Eli Gibb, Nick Fotini, Ian Berry, Jarod Kroh, Nate Hartwig, David & Marla Langley Tucker & Mike from KY, Onion Jack, Mikey Raffiqi, Andy Oberlin, Jordi Faytte, Kevin from Punxy, Mike & STS, Travis & his wife from 29 palms, The Office, Josh Hurst, Calin Scull, Cj Wilson, David Florey Sr, Paul Signs, The State of Texas, Rick, Josh, Rob Hackert

BIG THANKS - To Nik Bruzzesse for fucxin hard!

Recorded - Mixed - Produced - Jixed Hard As Hell --
Nik Bruzzese
Mastered by - Gradwell House
Art Work - Layout - Design - Jacob Langley
All Music - Handguns
Guest Vocals By --
Nik Bruzzese and James Corbi On "Last Year"
Booking -


  1. Yalls EP is fucking amazung, keep on doing what you guys were meant to do...

  2. The song "Last Year" I can relate to. I just went through a 2 year relationship and it did not work out so I felt like i spent all my time and effort on this one person. So I love this song! Keep up the great work :D